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The Priory & The Prep:
224 Queen Emma Square
Honolulu, HI 96813
+1(808) 536-6102

The Preschool:
3019 Pali Highway
Honolulu, HI 96817
+1(808) 595-4686

About Institution

St. Andrew’s Schools: Celebrating 150 Years of Excellence

圣安德鲁中学:150年来,圣安德鲁中学成功地帮助孩子们探索他们最广阔、最勇敢的自我,并为更好的善用他们的才能。以重视每个学生自我发现、探索和成长的个人旅程的学习哲学为指导,圣安德鲁中学教育确保每个孩子都为人所知、受到挑战、被理解并有权追求最高境界。尊重传统 – 拥抱创新 – 为了纪念我们的创始人埃玛王后,我们的愿景是帮助儿童学习和成长 – 使他们成为最好的自己,与世界紧密联系,并激励他们使世界更加人道和公正。


Honoring Tradition – Embracing Innovation

In honor of our founder, Queen Emma Kaleleonālani, our vision is to help children learn and grow — to be their personal best, engaged in the world and inspired to making it more humane and more just.

St. Andrews Schools provide the children of Hawai‘i with challenging academics, competitive athletics, thriving arts, and dynamic extracurricular programs. Our students are guided by deeply committed faculty in a diverse school community across two campuses: our main campus centrally-located in Downtown Honolulu for Priory girls K-12 and Prep boys K-5, and our lush Nuʻuanu campus for our youngest students in Queen Emma Preschool.

A St. Andrew’s Schools education cultivates the mind, body and spirit. We ask students to develop a full range of skills, to expand their sense of possibility, discover their passions, and make an indelible impact on the world.

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